Monday, February 13, 2012

Glow in the Dark Jello a la Bompas and Parr

I recently picked up a copy of Jellymongers from those British jelly (Jello to us Americans) fanatics Bompas and Parr. They have been making all kinds of wild jello out of cool custom made molds and ingredients for the past couple of years. This awesome cookbook shows some of the jelly art installations they have done, has some techniques and a ton of awesome recipes.

I was having a party this past weekend and decided I needed to come up with something cool so I turned to my new cookbook. They have a recipe using tonic water to do a glow in the dark jello. The quinine in the tonic water naturally fluoresces under a black light for a showstopping effect.

The only problem with my jello was the texture. This is the first time I have made jello in a million years and I didn't get the gelatin dissolved all the way. The book recommends using leaf gelatin, but it wasn't something easily available to me. I think next time I will hunt it down ahead of time or just be a little more careful with my timing to make sure the powdered stuff is totally dissolved.

Anyway, I am just being a show off, so here it is....