Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitteh + iPad

Since I have recently published an iPad cozy pattern (look a few posts back) and Bucket kitty is our mascot, I thought this would be a good video to share. Enjoy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The reluctant foodie

I know this blog is more about my art, but I do consider crafting a beautiful meal to be art. I am a rather reluctant foodie. I am a very picky vegetarian for starters and secondly I am known to be a horrible cook. So, this year I decided to change that.

I got a lot of flak for making a weird batch of brownies 15 years ago, back in my stoner days, that had a ton of unusual crap thrown in them. I think I added some fizzy lime water, brandy and nuts. Of course they were gross and I never lived it down. I allowed myself to believe that I was a bad cook and turned that into a self fulfilling prophecy. So, this year that has begun to change.

I have made it my goal to cook every night and I am finding that I really love it. I have added some new dishes from cookbooks and television and invented some of my own. I am really using it as a way of expressing myself.

So, where is this conversation going? I guess I would like to make the point that if you make yourself believe you a not capable of something, then you won't be. What do you think you can't do?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mark's Cabled iPad Cozy Knit Pattern

UPDATE: I have a friend who just got an iPad today and I was able to check the size. It works just perfect!

UPDATE (5/12/2010): I missed a line in the pattern and have corrected it as of today. Row 7 of the cable is to be knit the same as the other rounds (except 5 and 11). Sorry about that and thanks to Wendy for pointing it out.

This is the first pattern I have ever written to share, so I hope I don't miss anything in the details. Since the iPad was just released yesterday, the dimensions are based on the iPad specs, but I don't have one to try it out on yet. I made this one for my hubby Mark who had his birthday yesterday and will be getting the 3G as soon as it comes out next month. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks and enjoy!

Mark's Cabled iPad Cozy
by Sarah Davis of Bucket and Company

Yarn used: 1/2 skein Paton's Classic Wool in Gray
Gauge: 4 stitches per inch
Needle size: US 8 (16" circulars)
Other supplies: Yarn needle for sewing up bottom
Stitch marker
Row counter
Cable needle

1. Loosely cast on 72 stitches on circular needles and join without twisting
2. K 2 rounds as a base
3. Knit 4 repeats of the cable pattern, plus an addition 6 rows. End the cable pattern on the 6th row.
4. *K16, bind off 20* repeat
5. *K16, cast on 20* repeat (this will give you the slit for the handle)
6. K 4 rows and bind off
7. Stitch up the bottom of the bag and enjoy!

Cable Pattern:

This is an 11 row repeat

C8B = Put 4 stitches on cable needle to back of work. Knit next 4 stitches on main needle. Then knit the four stitches on the cable needle
C8F = Put 4 stitches on cable needle to front of work. Knit next 4 stitches on main needle. Then knit the four stitches on the cable needle

Rows 1,2,3,4,6, 7, 8,9,10 (everything except rows 5 and 11): *K16, P2* repeat
Row 5: *K16, P2, C8B, C8B, P2* repeat
Row 11: *K16, P2, K4, C8F, K4, P2*repeat

I reserve all rights to this pattern. This pattern is for personal use only.

The best knitting commercial (maybe the only one)

Welcome to Our New Home!

After several different incarnations, we have finally found a home! Picking a new name for the business has been a year long ordeal. Nothing seemed to fit the spirit of my artwork and my life. Bucket is my muse. Her name alone makes me giggle, so she seemed a natural choice as a mascot. However, I didn't want to leave her fuzzy brothers and sisters out of the mix (hence the "and company"). I have just set up my etsy shop, but have yet to finalize things and get items up for sale. I guess what I am saying is stay tuned and thanks for reading...