Monday, April 5, 2010

The reluctant foodie

I know this blog is more about my art, but I do consider crafting a beautiful meal to be art. I am a rather reluctant foodie. I am a very picky vegetarian for starters and secondly I am known to be a horrible cook. So, this year I decided to change that.

I got a lot of flak for making a weird batch of brownies 15 years ago, back in my stoner days, that had a ton of unusual crap thrown in them. I think I added some fizzy lime water, brandy and nuts. Of course they were gross and I never lived it down. I allowed myself to believe that I was a bad cook and turned that into a self fulfilling prophecy. So, this year that has begun to change.

I have made it my goal to cook every night and I am finding that I really love it. I have added some new dishes from cookbooks and television and invented some of my own. I am really using it as a way of expressing myself.

So, where is this conversation going? I guess I would like to make the point that if you make yourself believe you a not capable of something, then you won't be. What do you think you can't do?

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