Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting Extravaganza with Mr Bucket and Co

The hubby and I had a blast a few days back working on a large painting to be used as the background for one of my mixed media projects. We started with some scrap ephemera, matte medium and a big piece of posterboard. Once we got to painting, we would take a TV rerun break to let a layer dry and then come back, rotate the painting and make the next layer over the side that the other person had just been working on. It was so fun to work with Mr Bucket and Co since he is usually being a programmer when I am doing my art/domestic goddessness. I love that the textures and colors are so different than what I would have just done on my own. He had a lot of fun and found it to be relaxing, so I am hoping I can con him into it more often. Pics of finished project coming soon...

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