Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Hanging Ornament Christmas Branch

Ah yes, after taking November off here I am. I did a few projects which I will be putting up over the coming weeks, but mostly I have been focusing on my business and having some family time with our out of town guests.

This tree branch project is something I have had in my mind's eye since my poor fruit tree failed and died last Spring. I am so please that it turned out exactly like I pictured!

I started by making a mixture of basic white glue, water and light green glitter. I painted it only in areas on the branch that had naturally occurring green moss. I wanted to keep the feel natural with just a little sparkle to tie in with the ornaments. 

For the ornaments, I got two sizes of clear plastic ornaments and used the super popular pledge floor cleaner and glitter method that has been all over Pinterest this season. For the glitter I used 3 colors (silver, pale blue and pale green) all old Martha Stewart colors.

Then it was just a mix of cursing and begging Mr Bucket & Co to help me with the fishing line and ladder. And there you are!

PS: Let me give some credit too for the painting. It is by the amazingly talented Jenna Colby (

Ornament tutorial:

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