Thursday, September 11, 2014

Honey Fermented Garlic

This couldn't be more simple. Get some garlic and put it in a jar. Cover it with layers of alternating garlic and honey and let it sit. Just make sure it's all covered in honey. I got a giant bag of pre-peeled garlic and a vat of honey from Costco. If I had to peel all of the garlic I might have said forget it, but this was so easy. I got the idea from Attack of the Killer Pickles. I don't think this will get so frothy that I need to use an airlock, but we will just have to see. I am going to just try burping it from time to time. I have to wait at least a month, so I will get back to you with an update when it's om nom nom time.

PS - I left the jars open last night with just paper towels over the top. The garlic smell actually woke me up this morning before my alarm did. This is gonna be some awesomely pungent stuff!

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