Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Use Advantage for Dogs on Cats (aka Bucket & Red Have Fleas)

FML. The little ones have fleas. I am really lucky with this, but Red and Bucket rarely get fleas. The other morning I went to pet Red and found a lil flea buddy climbing up his ear. Ugh. So, I went digging for the Advantage. It has been ages since I had them on it and all I could find was Makena Greyhound's (pouring one out for my homie who's left us) Advantage. I certainly couldn't put a dose for a 75 pound grey on a 15 pound cat, but I did remember the vet saying that we could use the same meds if I poured them out and used a syringe to get just enough kitty dose. There's no point in rewriting all the instructions, so check out the link below. It worked like a charm and I have a ton of medicine left over to use for next month. Check it out,,,

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