Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Granny Squares By The Fire

Funny enough at 51 degrees it's one of the coldest February days my corner of the Pacific Northwest has seen in weeks. I am turning in to a total wuss and have planted myself in front of the fire to do some hookin.

I have some insanely remedial crochet skills that I have been working on improving over the past couple of weeks. I usually am more of a yarn snob but this Red Heart Super Saver at $3.50ish a skein is a steal and so easy to practice with. A couple of grannies has turned in to an obsessive pile.

When I first got going with all this a few weeks ago, the plan was to make a giant granny square blanket. Six messed up samples later and I am sticking to multiple medium sized squares. Has anyone else had problems with their grannies warping as they get larger? I did a little reading and people suggested cutting and reattaching yarn every round, varying amounts of chains between shells and flipping the granny each round. I found using a larger hook and one chain between shells helped but It's still warping as it gets larger. Sigh.

So now I am working on some neon pink, turquoise, orange and pale pink squares. I'm breaking individual squares up with white and I am planning on attaching everything with a gray border. It's super 80s reminiscent, looks a bit like my thermos (as pictured) and also reminds me a lot of the colors I love in Mexican folk art. I figure it will be indestructible and fun for my five year old niece. Now the next decision is how to lay it out and how to join the squares. Anyone have a favorite method?

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